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      Pancha kosha: de vijf omhulsels volgens yoga

      Sat 20 Sept 14.00-18.00h 13 euro in advance 15 euro on the day 5 omhulsels (kosha) 3 lichamen (sharira) gelukzaligheid (anandamaya) causaal (karana) intellect (vijñanamaya) subtiel (sukshma) mentaal (manomaya) vitale energie (pranamaya) voedsel (annamaya) grof (sthula)

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      8 week Beginners Course

      It is best to start at the beginning. If you are new to yoga, we suggest that you start with our Level 1, Complete Beginners course’ with step-by-step instructions. The course will teach you some of the basic postures for building strength and flexibility, breathing exercises for increasing your [...]

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