8 week Beginners course Mon 12 Apr – 31 May Tue 13 Apr – 1 June 2021

Classic Sivananda Hatha yoga

Tuesdays 19.15-20.30h Beginners ONLINE

Sundays: 10.00-11.30h Intermediate ONLINE

Cost: Tuesday 8 euro Sunday 7 euro, both classes 14 euro

Online payment via tikkie or Transferwise, for more details app(Signal or Telegram)   (+31) 0681451669


 Amorgos Heal and Transform Yoga Retreat 20th April to 27th April 2022

In these unusual times for the indiviual as well as the collective, there is a major shift taking place. An opportunity to see and bring to the surface that what we dont want, bringing that to the forefront of our consiousness so that only then can we release that which is holding us down and keeping us in a matrix which is not allowing humanity to express itself in its highest potential as a  human being.

The shift of realising and dropping what we dont want has been a difficult one, not only mentally but physically and emotionally. Years or even lifetimes of heavy emotional bagage has been piling up in the human body and is coming to the surface, manifested as pain in the physical body. The release brings to the surface the emotions behind the pain, the root cause of the build up.

I am not only one of the teachers in the Retreat but also a participant. My main objective is to physically start releasing pain from my physical body and bring a balance to my emotional body so that I can start connecting with my intellectual body and at a deeper level to my soul. I want to feel lighteness, attuning and enhancing my light body so that I can express myself from my higher perspective and feeling in tune with others, the nature and resonate in the mode of love care and effection towards my self and the whole.

If you want, what I want from this retreat, then I invite you to make this inner and outer transformation with me. The key word is reconnection and the underlying mood is self love, during the Yoga practise, Meditation, workshops and chanting…… NAMASTE – Savinder

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